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cabaret/nightclub/restaurant-style bellydance

cabaret/nightclub/restaurant-style bellydance
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I happen to like bedlah. I like glitz, glamour, I like running around in 40 pounds of beads and 30 yards of material. Where else you can dress like a princess, and stick a tiara on your head, and get away with it, and not be the Queen of England? ~ Morocco

This is a community for everyone who enjoys the visual and/or performance aspects of cabaret/nightclub/restaurant-style bellydancing. That includes people who do both tribal and cabaret, people who do tribaret, people who do folkloric dances in shiny and sequin-y costumes, and people who just like bellydancing in general. Any discussions that relate to bellydancing are accepted, which includes music, costume, classes, artists, performances, events, techniques, etc. Keep in mind that this is a cabaret-based community. If you are more interested in the tribal style, please check out bellydancing and tribaldance

+ Anyone being rude or disrespectful to other members will be banned.
+ Multiple images or images larger than 400px wide and 500px long should be placed under a LJ-cut.
+ Excessively long posts should also be placed under a cut tag.
+ Please post the state/province/country (where applicable) when posting about an event.