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28 October 2007 @ 04:13 pm
Dance with Kathryn Ferguson in Tucson, AZ  
Fall is here, and so is your opportunity to study Middle Eastern dance with world-renowned instructor Kathryn Ferguson.

Well-known for her musicality and emotional interpretation, Kathryn has performed and taught for over twenty years and has been featured in workshops around the world, including Rakkasah, the largest Middle Eastern dance festival in the States. She has also produced an award-winning instructional video. Whether you are interested in dance as a means of expression or a way to get in shape, Kathryn's expertise will get you moving. A limited number of class slots are available. Take advantage of this amazing resource! Her studio is centrally located near Grant and Country Club in Tucson; classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons.

Please call Xanadu studio at 881-0883 for further information.